La Stiva restaurant in San Benedetto del Tronto

Cuisine and sea passion

Il Ristorantino La Stiva in San Benedetto del Tronto was founded thanks to the owners' friendship and common passion for cuisine, sea and restaurant business. Thanks to all these elements, the restaurant came into being and it offers a seafood menu, excellent appetizers, high-quality first courses and second courses. The menu constantly changes depending on the catch of the day. In this way, La Stiva offers its clients only fresh fish! The two owners, Giovanni and Nicola, joined forces, experience, passion and cuisine-love in order to create this restaurant in San Benedetto del tronto. Giovanni manages the room by making it comfortable and charming in order to offer the best to those clients who will enjoy the delicious dishes prepared by Nicola, the chef. Both ot them have many years of experience behind, Giovanni, for instance, owns a bathing establishment. 

On the other hand, Nicola has more than thirty years of experience as a master of fishing vessels in the Adriatic, furthermore he has a vast knowledge of the fresh fish offered by the restaurant. The strong friendship between Giovanni and Nicola has always brought fortune to them: La stiva restaurant is an exclusive seafood restaurant. They took care of everything, ranging from the location to the menu. Once inside the restaurant, you will immediately feel the sea-life atmosphere, in fact everything recalls the sea. The furniture was carefully chosen thanks to their creativity in order to recall the ocean-world. There are 45/50 available seats that are waiting to be reserved and to which, the two owners, make sure that a top-quality service is performed.

Seafood first and second courses are cooked following the traditional receipts coming from Marche, and in particular San Benedetto, or reinterpreted in order to create new delicious receipts. Fresh and seasonal ingredients are carefully combined in order to exalt the seafood local tradition. 

The same can be said of the wines, with 13/14 organic wine cellars in the Marche and Abruzzo areas that guarantee fresh and biological White wines to accompany the seafood. This restaurant is famous for its cuisine , managed by the two owners, in which it is cooked only fresh and genuine fish coming directly from the Adriatic sea. 

The fish is everything but frozen and imported. At La Stiva restaurant Giovanni and Nicola guarantee a truly fresh fish, in fact, three times per week, during the night they personally buy the most genuine fish at the harbor. This operation requires a special process: by 48h from the purchase the fish must be declared at the master's office. After the purchase, the fish is cleaned and its temperature lowered up to 99% in order to preserve the freshness.

Why is this operation important? 

The process is for eliminate a dangerous parasite for the human's health. Those who love to eat raw fish want to make sure that the fish has been processed in order to lower the temperature. Row food is an excellent one, moreover it is typically from countries overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Cephalopods, crustaceans and mussels are delicious and excellent to try raw. Moreover, in recent years, Japanese gastronomic culture has spread all over our continent and sushi and sashimi have become well-know. Many restaurants sprung up like mushrooms and raw fish consumption has increased. This new trend has necessary brought to the public's attention hygiene measures. Hygiene measures are essential when dealing with fish because row fish may carry and transmit bacteria or pathogenic agents.

How to protect ourselves from harmful bacteria

harmful bacteria may be found in different types of food: meat, vegetables fish, mussels, milk etc..

Fish and seafood, may be contaminated by different microorganisms that can cause infections or food-borne outbreaks: listeria, escherichia coli, salmonella, all the bacteria that cause gastrointestinal problems. Recently, due to environmental(pollution) and climate changes , many fishes are migrating and a microorganism called “Anisakis” has spread around the globe. Although it is not a frequent disease, this microorganisms may cause infections and diseases, especially for children and seniors.

The importance of hygienic practices for mussels

The hygiene of seafood is particularly important for mussels and clams, that have caused unpleasant side effects due to water pollution along the Italian shores. In fact, because of their shape and nutrition, mussels may absorb microorganisms that are human pathogens. Nowadays mussels are reared on marine areas that are controlled by veterinaries and ASL in order to guarantee suitability. In fact, products coming on the market are guaranteed by an appropriate certificate. Despite all the security measures adopted, it is always possible that microorganisms may cause unpleasant problems. For this reason its recommended to well-cook mussels until the shell is fully opened and to not eat those that are still closed.

The importance of hygienic practices for row fish

Row fish is excellent,but first, it s fundamental to make sure that is healthy. “Anisakis simplex” parasite is eradicated only when the fish is well-cooked. Whereas it survives on row fish, even if it freeze or frozen. Once swallowed, this parasite can cause many problems. In order to protect the health of those who eat row food, some ministerial decrees have been enacted in order to oblige fish sellers to respect the temperature-process. Be careful not to confuse frozen fish with the one coming from the temperature-process. Only this process is able to kill the parasite in a freezer-type of tool in which food's temperature is quickly brought to -20° and -40°. The fish has to be kept at this low temperature from a few hours up to more days. It is essential to make sure that the restaurant observes the 2004 European law that forces restaurant to process fish and seafood. It is important to make sure that those rules are followed, please find out if the fish has been processed.

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Restaurant "Ristorantino La Stiva a San Benedetto del Tronto" is located in Via Dandolo, 15 – San Benedetto del Tronto (AP). Telephone 3288606491 / Cellphone 3405616771.