Fresh seafood


San Benedetto del Tronto

We only serve the catch of the day

Fresh seafood menu in San Benedetto del Tronto are

created thanks to our sea-passion and cuisine's creativity. We only cook fresh fish depending on the
catch of the day. Our restaurant offers cold and worm appetizers such as
marinated anchovies and mullets, moscardino salad, bomboletti, fish olives
mixed with cuttlefish, and row receipts upon request. Our specialties are prepared

with fresh fish and depend on the available catch of the day.


Seafood salad
Marinates anchovies with red onions from tropea
Olives stuffed with fish and cuttlefish breading


This selection meets the most demanding clients, food-lovers and pasta-lovers. We only cook fresh pasta, consequently, clients can choose between fish sauce and other types of sauces.

Linguine with clams
Spaghetti with seafood
Crab pasta
Golden barley with shrimps
Basmati rise with tuna and moscardini
Spaghetti with seafood

Spaghetti with seafood is a typical Italian dish and one of our most famous receipts. The dish is prepared with seafood and tomato sauce that contains all the sea-flavors. Spaghetti with seafood can be prepared in many different ways, but it will remain a beloved dish to all Italians. The receipt changes depending on the region. Essential ingredients are: mussels and clams, mollusks, crustaceans, shrimps, squids and scampi may be added as well.

The important thing is to cook only fresh fish. The dish is tasty and delicious thus ideal for a summer lunch. 


Mix roast
Pananza with fried squids
Seared tuna with sesame seeds
Seared tuna on a fresh ingredients
Angler-fish livers
Ray wings with juniper
Cuttlefish with radicchio
Mullet fillet
Marinated gurnard

The sea-guazzetto is our special dish. It is and extremely rich and variegated one, prepared with a wide selection of fishes such as, cretaceous and mollusks, mixed with fresh flavors. The guazzeto requires an elaborated process and great experience. We prepare it with fresh fish, thus ideal for fish-lovers. The fishes involved in the preparation process are : mussels, clams, cretaceous, shrimps, mantis shrimp, palombo, cod, sword-fish, squid, cuttlefish, monk-fish, octopus and moscardini. It is possible to add any type of fish according to different tastes and products' availability. 


Our wide selection of organic wines, includes 13/14 wine cellars in the Marche and Abruzzo areas: Grifoni, Capecci, Clementina Fabbi, Cent’anni, le Torri, Marotti - Campi, Cantine Maroni, il Conte di Villaprandone, De Angelis-Corvi, Cantine Ciuciù, Clara Marcelli.

La Stiva restaurant specialties: the “Cafè Marinario”

The “Caffe Marinario” comes from an ancient tradition. In fact, it s a typical beverage coming from the sea-tradition. The coffee is prepared in a unique way, it is used as a digestive beverage at the end of the meal or to make winter days less cold. Caffe Marinario's history can be traced back in time and it comes from the sea-tradition. During winter time it was common to prepare this special beverage directly on the boats. The uniqueness of this coffee was reached by adding to the coffee different types off alcoholic beverages, that were always available on the boats. Most common alcoholic beverages were rum and aniseed-flavored distillates.
Nowadays it is still possible to taste this special “Caffè del marinario” thanks to its great popularity among the sea-tradition lovers.

At La Stiva , after a delicious fresh seafood menu in San Benedetto del Tronto, along the Marche riviera, you will be able to taste the unique coffee that is famous for the alcoholic part and aromatic flavor. The fragrance is heady and the smell will be delighted. The rum's aroma will conquer your senses. 

As required by its tradition, “Caffe Marinario” should be tasted extra-warm. If tasted warm, it looses its uniqueness. Whereas, if tested cold, it acquires a strong aniseed flavor. At ambient temperature you will taste the ingredients' mix. “Caffe del Marinario” can be prepared in many different ways depending on the taste, but rum and aniseed-liquor are ever-present ingredients. Our coffee is prepared with rum and species, it is left to macerate for one night and served heated together with homemade “cantucci”.

Everyone knows the “cantucci”, also knows as “ poor sweets”. They are dry cookies prepared in different way, typically with almond and nuts, bread pasta with oil and anise seeds. The gastronomic sweets tradition combines “cantucci” with “vin santo” or liquors wines in general. However they are ideal also together with dry wines such as spumanti. 

In this case, we recommend our special coffee! Caffe del Marinario may be accompanied also by chocolate and vanilla desserts. Where does Caffe del Marinario tradition comes from? In the past, and still nowadays, the hub was asked to prepare the last coffee before returning to their homeland. After many days on the sea, stocks were a few and the hub had to prepare the coffee only with available ingredients. 

This tradition was passed down from father to son and the coffee was served in steel-cups and it still is. Well, after having described our menu, introduced the typical sea-life's coffee and sweets , there is nothing left but invite all of you to try our dishes , receipts , appetizers, first and second curses while surrounded by a splendid location that is inspired by the sea life.

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